The History of Camptown

My father, a clothing manufacturer from Indianapolis, Indiana, started Camptown in 1963. After working for his father who had been manufacturing clothing since the 1920’s, he moved to Clanton, Alabama. Being third generation, I followed in their footsteps. Unlike them however, I discovered I had a passion for hunting. I made my first bow and arrow in 4th grade, but my interest in hunting really began when we moved to Alabama the following year. We had a camp on the Coosa River, where we really learned about guns and wildlife.

I began making camouflage clothing in the late 1990’s, and my knowledge of clothing and years of hunting started coming together. Drawing on my past experience, I created a jacket that is perfect for hunting, and is made with extreme bow hunters in mind. The fleece fabric is quiet foremost, yet warm and waterproof to keep you comfortable and on the hunt all day long. The end result is a jacket and pant combo that is extremely versatile, and all that you need for a successful hunt.

Besides hunting, it is also perfect for many everyday activity outdoors. Shoveling snow, landscaping, carpentry or skiing. I have been going 40 mph in -10° weather and was quite happy and warm in my Camptown Gear.

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