Hope you got my leopard photo with me wearing your coat. Besides my PH, the trackers and my gun, your coat was the most important piece of gear I took on the hunt. I hunted the leopard in the mountains on Mr. Steenkamp’s farm in the Northwest Province of South Africa. I spent four long nights in the mountains before I was able to get a shot on my cat. Your coat kept me more than comfortable when early morning temperatures were in the minus digits (celsius). When I finished the hunt I gave the coat to one of the trackers. You would have thought from his reaction I had given him the greatest gift he had ever received in his life. When I was sitting on top of a Mesa in Texas last year freezing my ass off hunting Whitetail , I thought of your coat and wished I had another. Please send me two coats this time in your new camo pattern. I don’t ever want to be caught in the cold without one again.

Bill Sparks