Howdy Mike,
I don’t want to bore you with this, but I feel I have to tell you anyway. I have been hunting for about 65 years and have shot over 70 deer and many bear. I’m not that healthy now, having had 2 disc surgeries and later both knees replaced at the same time. I have 20” of steel in my left leg and hill climbing ain’t easy. I slacked off hunting because my wool clothing is heavy. I thought that I might give it up, then I met you at the Big E hunt show in Springfield, Ma. When you showed me fleece that was light, windproof and waterproof, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I can’t believe the weight difference I’m carrying around. I’m more mobile again. I have worn your hunting clothes for 3 years and I’m totally happy, warm and dry, I have shot 3 whitetails and a mule deer in your gear and I love it. Not only is your gear a lot lighter to wear, but it makes the weight of your bags at the airport a lot lighter. I’m going back to Wyoming in the fall (hopefully if the virus is gone by then) and all your gear is going with me.
Thanks again,
Roger Brown